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Mining Dump Truck Lifting Cylinder

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Mining Dump Truck Lifting Cylinder

The mining dump truck lifting cylinder is an essential component designed specifically for mining dump trucks. This powerful hydraulic cylinder is responsible for lifting and lowering the truck’s dump bed, allowing for efficient loading and unloading of materials in mining operations.

The mining dump truck lifting cylinder is a crucial component that significantly contributes to the efficiency and productivity of mining operations. With its robust construction, high lifting capacity, and precise control, this hydraulic cylinder enables seamless loading and unloading of materials, minimizing downtime and maximizing output. By following proper usage methods and adhering to recommended maintenance practices, operators can ensure the longevity and reliable performance of the mining dump truck lifting cylinder. Choose this high-performance cylinder to enhance your mining dump truck’s lifting capabilities and optimize your mining operations.

Mining Dump Truck Lifting Cylinder Key Characteristics:

  1. Robust and Reliable Construction:
  • The Mining Dump Truck Lifting Cylinder is built with durability in mind, utilizing high-quality materials and precision engineering to withstand the demanding conditions of mining operations.
  • It offers exceptional strength and reliability to handle heavy loads, ensuring consistent performance even in harsh environments.
  1. High Lifting Capacity:
  • This cylinder is designed to provide substantial lifting capacity, allowing the mining dump truck to handle large volumes of materials efficiently.
  • With its impressive lifting power, it enables swift and reliable dumping, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity on the job site.
  1. Precise Control and Smooth Operation:
  • The Mining Dump Truck Lifting Cylinder offers precise control over the raising and lowering of the dump bed, ensuring smooth and accurate movement.
  • This feature allows operators to position the dump bed precisely, facilitating efficient loading and unloading operations.

Mining Dump Truck Lifting Cylinder Parameter:

Product Name Mining Dump Truck Lifting Cylinder
Features: Lift/lower the body for cargo dumping
Bore diameter: 120mm~380mm
Rod diameter: 90mm~350mm
Generally: Two-stage or three-stage cylinder
Lifting Cylinder Applications: Mining Dump Truck

Mining Dump Truck Cylinder Identification Diagram:

Usage Method Of Mining Dump Truck Lifting Cylinder:

  1. Integration with Dump Truck System:
  • The Mining Dump Truck Lifting Cylinder is typically integrated into the dump truck’s hydraulic system.
  • It is connected to a hydraulic power source, such as a pump, which provides the necessary hydraulic pressure to operate the cylinder.
  1. Control Mechanisms:
  • The lifting and lowering of the dump bed are controlled using hydraulic valves and control levers located within the truck’s cabin.
  • Operators can activate the cylinder to raise or lower the dump bed, allowing for efficient material handling.

How Does A Hydraulic Power Steering System Work?

A hydraulic power steering system is a key component in modern vehicles that assists the driver in steering the vehicle with ease and precision. It utilizes hydraulic pressure to amplify the driver’s input and provide smooth and responsive steering control. Let’s explore how a hydraulic power steering system works:

  1. Hydraulic Pump:
    The system begins with a hydraulic pump, typically driven by the vehicle’s engine. The pump is responsible for generating hydraulic pressure by drawing power from the engine’s rotational motion. It is usually connected to the engine through a belt or other mechanical means.
  2. Power Steering Fluid:
    The hydraulic pump circulates power steering fluid, also known as hydraulic fluid, throughout the system. The fluid serves as the medium for transmitting force and pressure.
  3. Steering Gearbox/Rack and Pinion:
    The power steering fluid is directed to the steering gearbox or rack and pinion assembly. These components translate the rotational motion of the steering wheel into lateral movement, which turns the vehicle’s wheels.
  4. Power Assist:
    The power steering system incorporates a power assist mechanism, such as a power steering control valve or power steering assist cylinder. These components use the hydraulic pressure from the pump to provide assistance to the driver’s steering input. When the driver turns the steering wheel, the power assist mechanism adjusts the flow of power steering fluid, helping to reduce the effort required to turn the wheels.
  5. Steering Feedback:
    To maintain a natural steering feel and provide feedback to the driver, the power steering system includes a device called a steering gear or torsion bar. This component allows a certain level of resistance and feedback to be felt through the steering wheel, enhancing the driver’s connection with the road.
  6. Pressure Relief Valve:
    A pressure relief valve is incorporated into the power steering system to prevent excessive pressure buildup. It ensures that the system operates within safe limits and protects against potential damage.

Capability & Capacity Of Factory:

(1) Assembly

We have a first-class independent research and development assembly platform. The hydraulic cylinder production workshop has four semi-automatic lifting cylinder assembly lines and one automatic tilt cylinder assembly line, with a designed annual production capacity of 1 million pieces. The special cylinder workshop is equipped with various specifications of a semi-automatic cleaning assembly system with a designed annual production capacity of 200,000 and equipped with famous CNC machining equipment, a machining center, a high-precision cylinder processing special equipment, a robot welding machine, an automatic cleaning machine, automatic cylinder assembly machine, and automatic painting production line. Existing critical equipment of more than 300 sets (sets). The optimal allocation and efficient use of equipment resources ensure the accuracy requirements of products and meet the high-quality needs of products.

(2) Machining

The machining shop is equipped with a customized inclined rail turning center, machining center, high-speed honing machine, welding robot, and other related equipment, which can handle the processing of cylinder tubes with a maximum inner diameter of 400mm and a maximum length of 6 meters.

(3) Welding

(4) Painting & coating

With small and medium-sized cylinder automatic water-based paint coating lines, to achieve automatic robot loading and unloading and automatic spraying, the design capacity of 4000 pieces per shift;
We also have a semi-automatic paint production line for large cylinders powered by a power chain, with 60 cases per shift design capacity.

(5) Testing

We have first-class inspection facilities and test beds to ensure that the performance of the cylinder meets the requirements.



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