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Forklift Short Lifting Hydraulic Cylinder

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Forklift Short Lifting Hydraulic Cylinder


Forklift short lifting hydraulic cylinder, the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable lifting in forklift applications. Designed to handle short lifting tasks with ease, these hydraulic cylinders provide the power and precision required to optimize your material handling operations.

The forklift short lifting hydraulic cylinder features a robust design that ensures its ability to withstand heavy loads, frequent use, and tough operating conditions. It is built to last, providing reliable performance and minimizing downtime due to maintenance or repairs.

With its resistance to wear, corrosion, and contamination, this hydraulic cylinder maintains optimal performance throughout its lifespan. It is designed to withstand the elements, protecting it from the damaging effects of moisture, debris, and other contaminants that can compromise its functionality.

Forklift Short Lifting Hydraulic Cylinder Parameter:

Cylinder Name drawing number bore diameter (D) rod diameter (d) stroke (S) Installation distance (L) working pressure Interface dimensions (M) weight
Short lifting cylinder RC25N480-800000-000A Φ75 Φ60 800 1065 18.1MPa M22*1.5 36kg
Short lifting cylinder X35N480-800000-001A Φ95 Φ80 800 1065 18.1MPa M22*1.5 48.7kg
Cylinder Name drawing number bore diameter (D) rod diameter (d) stroke (S) Installation distance (L) working pressure Interface dimensions (M) weight
Short lifting cylinder N30N450-800000-002A Φ85 Φ70 777 1015 18.1MPa M22*1.5 45.5kg
Short lifting cylinder 3U3H-800000-001A Φ85 Φ70 777 1015 18.1MPa M22*1.5 45.5kg
Short lifting cylinder N35N450-800000-003A Φ95 Φ80 775 1013 18.1MPa M22*1.5 54kg

Unlock Efficiency and Precision with the Hydraulic Cylinder:

Experience the true power of hydraulic technology with the Hydraulic Cylinder. This remarkable device is designed to deliver precision and reliability in a wide range of applications. From industrial machinery to construction equipment, the Hydraulic Cylinder is the key to optimizing performance and achieving outstanding results. Discover how this powerful tool can revolutionize your operations.

  • Precision Engineering: The Hydraulic Cylinder is meticulously engineered to provide precise control over movement and force. With its advanced design and high-quality construction, it ensures accurate and repeatable performance, allowing you to achieve the desired results with exceptional precision.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Say goodbye to inefficiencies and uneven performance. The Hydraulic Cylinder optimizes the utilization of hydraulic power, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Experience smooth and controlled movements that reduce energy waste and enhance overall system performance.

Capability & Capacity Of Factory:

(1) Assembly

We has a first-class independent research and development assembly platform. Forklift cylinder production workshop has 4 semi-automatic lifting cylinder assembly lines and 1 automatic tilt cylinder assembly line, with a designed annual production capacity of 1 million pieces; Special cylinder workshop is equipped with various specifications semi-automatic cleaning assembly system, designed annual production capacity of 200,000. Equipped with famous CNC machining equipment, machining center, high-precision cylinder processing special equipment, robot welding machine, automatic cleaning machine, automatic cylinder assembly machine, automatic painting production line. Existing key equipment more than 300 sets (sets). The optimal allocation and efficient use of equipment resources ensure the accuracy requirements of products and meet the high quality requirements of products.


The machining shop is equipped with customized inclined rail turning center, machining center, high-speed honing machine, welding robot and other related equipment, which can handle the processing of cylinder tubes with a maximum inner diameter of 400mm and a maximum length of 6 meters.

(3) Welding

(4) Painting & coating

With small and medium-sized cylinder automatic water-based paint coating line, to achieve automatic robot loading and unloading and automatic spraying, the design capacity of 4000 pieces per shift;
We also have a semi-automatic paint production line for large cylinders, powered by a power chain, with a design capacity of 60 cases per shift.

(5) Testing

We have first-class inspection facilities and test beds to ensure that the performance of the cylinder meets the requirements.



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