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EverPower-Huachang HYDRAULIC

Set development, research and sales as one

aerial work vehicle hydraulic cylinders

Aerial Work Vehicle Hydraulic Cylinders


Sanitation Machinery Hydraulic Cylinders


Wind Trubine Hydraulic Cylinders


Agricultural Machinery Hydraulic Cylinders


Hydraulic Cylinder Components

why choose us

Everpower-Huachang Hydraulic Machinery is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the professional manufacturing of mid-to-high-end hydraulic components, with hydraulic cylinders as the main product. It provides services to many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The company is affiliated with Zhejiang Machinery Group Co., Ltd.. It is a national “Safety Production Standardized Level II Enterprise”, a national key supported “High-tech Enterprise”, a Zhejiang “Invisible Champion,” a Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “Specialized and New Small Giant,” and a Zhejiang “Future Factory.” It is China’s most enormous forklift cylinder and aerial work platform cylinder manufacturing base.

Technology Development

Strong technological development capability, with product core technology intellectual property rights, is the national second-class safety production standardisation enterprise and the national key support for high-tech enterprises.

Reliable guarantee

With a perfect quality assurance system, we have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and we are a national “second-grade measurement qualified” unit.

Business Scope

For a long time to undertake the dual task of scientific research trial production and product development, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, the United States and other places, and have been well received.