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Tipe Biaksial Dengan Silinder Hidraulik Batang Berat Kacang yang Dapat Disetel

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Produsen pemasok eksportir silinder hidrolik.

Tipe Biaksial Dengan Silinder Hidraulik Batang Berat Kacang yang Dapat Disetel

The biaxial type with adjustable nut-weight hydraulic cylinder is a high-performance hydraulic element designed to easily solve demanding industrial applications. With its rugged construction, unique two-shaft design, and flexible nut function, this hydraulic cylinder offers exceptional power, precision, and versatility. Whether you need to lift, push, or pull heavy loads, the two-axle type heavy-duty rod hydraulic cylinder with adjustable nuts stands out in challenging conditions, making it an indispensable tool in every industry.

Essential Characteristics Of Heavy Rod Hydraulic Cylinder:

Robust Construction:  This heavy rod hydraulic cylinder is built to withstand extreme conditions, thanks to its durable construction using high-quality materials. Its rugged design ensures longevity, reliability, and wear resistance, effectively handling heavy loads, high pressures, and harsh working environments.

Biaxial Design:  The cylinder’s dual-axis configuration provides enhanced stability, controlled motion, and precise positioning. Its two-axis construction allows smooth operation and minimizes the risk of misalignment or deflection during use, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Adjustable Nuts Feature: Biaxial-type adjustable nut heavy rod hydraulic cylinders are equipped with adjustable nuts that allow easy customization and fine-tuning. This feature enables users to adjust the stroke length of the cylinder to optimize its performance for specific applications and operational requirements.

Biaxial Type Heavy Rod Hydraulic Cylinder Parameter:

Silinder Hidraulik Batang Berat Tipe Biaksial Standar Usage Method:

Mounting:  First, use the appropriate mounting bracket or fixture to safely install the double axle type adjustable nut heavy rod hydraulic cylinder. Ensure proper alignment and stability during installation to prevent cylinder misalignment or excessive stress.

Hydraulic System Integration:  Connect the hydraulic line to the cylinder according to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. The cylinder is integrated into the hydraulic system by connecting it to a suitable pump or power unit. Ensure cylinder specifications and operating requirements are met.

Adjustable Nuts Adjustment:  Use the adjustable nut feature to customize the cylinder stroke length. Adjust the nut to reach the desired stretch and shrink distance, optimizing the performance of the cylinder to meet the specific task at hand. Tighten the nut after adjustment.

Silinder Hidraulik Batang Berat Tipe Biaksial Standar Maintenance:

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the Biaxial Type With Adjustable Nuts Heavy Rod Hydraulic Cylinder. Follow these maintenance guidelines:

Periodic Inspection: Conduct routine inspections to identify signs of wear, damage, or leaks. Inspect the cylinder body, rod, seals, and adjustable nuts for abnormalities. Address any issues promptly to prevent further injury or operational inefficiencies.

Lubrication: Apply the recommended lubricant to the moving parts of the cylinder, including the rod, seals, and adjustable nuts. Regular lubrication minimizes friction, reduces wear, and ensures smooth operation. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubrication intervals and use the appropriate lubricant type.

Seal Replacement: If you notice seal deterioration or leakage, replace the seals using genuine manufacturer-approved parts. Damaged or worn seals can compromise the cylinder’s performance and may lead to hydraulic fluid leaks.

Cleaning: Clean the heavy rod hydraulic cylinder by removing dirt, debris, and other contaminants. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and ensure all components are thoroughly dried before reassembly. Regular cleaning promotes optimal performance and prevents premature wear or damage.

How Does A One Way Hydraulic Cylinder Work?

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how a one-way hydraulic cylinder works:

  1. Cylinder Construction: A one-way hydraulic cylinder consists of a cylindrical barrel, a piston, a piston rod, and one or more seals. The cylinder barrel houses the piston and provides a sealed chamber for hydraulic fluid.
  2. Hydraulic Fluid Supply: Hydraulic fluid, typically oil, is supplied to the cylinder through an inlet port connected to a hydraulic pump or power unit. The hydraulic fluid is pressurized, creating a force that will act on the piston.
  3. Extension Stroke: When hydraulic pressure is applied to the cylinder’s inlet port, the pressurized fluid enters the cylinder chamber on one side of the piston. The force exerted by the hydraulic fluid pushes the piston and the attached piston rod outward, extending the stroke of the cylinder.
  4. Retraction Stroke: Unlike a double-acting cylinder, which can generate force in both directions, a one-way hydraulic cylinder relies on an external force to retract the piston. This force can be provided by gravity, a spring, or an external load that pushes the piston back into the cylinder.
  5. Seal Operation: The seals in the cylinder prevent hydraulic fluid leakage and maintain the separation between the fluid and rod sides. They ensure that the pressurized fluid acts only on one side of the piston, creating the desired linear force.
  6. Control Valves: Control valves, such as a directional control valve, control the flow and direction of the hydraulic fluid. By manipulating the control valve, the operator can control the extension and retraction of the one-way hydraulic cylinder.
  7. Return Fluid: As the piston retracts, the hydraulic fluid on the extension side of the cylinder is forced out and returns to the hydraulic reservoir through an outlet port or a return line.

Kemampuan & Kapasitas Pabrik:

(1) Perakitan

Kami memiliki platform perakitan penelitian dan pengembangan independen kelas satu. Bengkel produksi silinder hidrolik memiliki empat jalur perakitan silinder pengangkat semi-otomatis dan satu jalur perakitan silinder kemiringan otomatis, dengan kapasitas produksi tahunan yang dirancang sebesar 1 juta keping. Bengkel silinder khusus dilengkapi dengan berbagai spesifikasi sistem perakitan pembersihan semi-otomatis dengan kapasitas produksi tahunan yang dirancang sebesar 200.000 dan dilengkapi dengan peralatan permesinan CNC yang terkenal, pusat permesinan, peralatan khusus pemrosesan silinder presisi tinggi, mesin las robot, mesin pembersih otomatis, mesin perakitan silinder otomatis, dan jalur produksi pengecatan otomatis. Peralatan penting yang ada lebih dari 300 set (set). Alokasi optimal dan penggunaan sumber daya peralatan yang efisien memastikan persyaratan akurasi produk dan memenuhi kebutuhan produk berkualitas tinggi.

(2) Pemesinan

Bengkel permesinan dilengkapi dengan pusat pembubutan rel miring yang disesuaikan, pusat permesinan, mesin pengasah berkecepatan tinggi, robot pengelasan, dan peralatan terkait lainnya, yang dapat menangani pemrosesan tabung silinder dengan diameter bagian dalam maksimum 400mm dan panjang maksimum 6 meter.

(3) Pengelasan

(4) Pengecatan & pelapisan

Dengan jalur pelapisan cat berbasis air otomatis silinder kecil dan menengah, untuk mencapai bongkar muat robot otomatis dan penyemprotan otomatis, kapasitas desain 4000 buah per shift;
Kami juga memiliki lini produksi cat semi-otomatis untuk silinder besar yang ditenagai oleh rantai daya, dengan kapasitas desain 60 kasus per shift.

(5) Pengujian

Kami memiliki fasilitas inspeksi kelas satu dan test bed untuk memastikan bahwa kinerja silinder memenuhi persyaratan.



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